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Die Bildmaschine

We are focused on interactive and live visuals for museums, events & exhibitions.

Who we are...

Marius (1988), Passe (1987), 10-years of event-knowledge in corporate show / touring / sports / television and festivals.


||| Content Creation.
A lot to say, but no visual content? Doesn't matter if motion graphics, live-interactive-content nor moving images - Don't hesitate to ask us for an offer! We can support you in conception and visualization!

||| Corporate Events.
We provide professional Media-Server-Systems for any event. Videosystems for big LED-Screens, Multi-Projection-Projects or Livestreams. Just let us know what you are looking for!

||| Interactive Art & Retailer Installations.
We love Art. We love Interaction. We love to see adults and kids play. With small interactive video installations we create a special kind of attention for your event and retailer store.

||| Technical Advice.
You are planning an event? You dont know where to put all these pixels? We can give you advices and create spec-lists for your special requirements.

||| Hire Die Bildmaschine.
You know how to do but you dont have any Bildmaschine? You can rent our Mediaserver-System includng any software. It doesnt matter if AV Stumpfl Pixera, Christie Pandoras Box, Dataton Watchout, vMix or Notch.

You already have a Bildmaschine but no Operator?! -> Contact: Call a Nerd!

Get in touch...

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